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Last year around this time I was lucky enough to review a new book called “Cooking Class: 57 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love to Make (and Eat!)” by Deanna F. Cook.

This year I am thrilled to announce a new book from the same author. This one is “Baking Class: 50 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love To Bake!“.

This new book is designed to teach kids how to turn your kitchen into an at-home bakery making muffins, cookies, pies, cakes, and more. Chapter 1 “Welcome To Baking Class” is an introduction to baking for kids. It starts with information about ratings for each of the recipes, so you can judge the skill level required. You get tips for baking like a pro, from washing your hands down to cleaning up after yourself. No training book worth its salt be without an explanation of all of the proper tools and basic pantry requirements, therefore this book includes all of these.

I was particularly impressed with the baking vocabulary lesson which not only gives you the explanation of what each term means (sift, grate, crimp, etc.) but also gives you pictures showing what it looks like to do each of them. Throughout all of the lessons, the full-color pictures are extremely useful for describing and illustrating every step. Kitchen safety and presentation are covered too, as well as even how to host a Bakesale.

With Chapter 2 “Good Morning Treats” you get your breakfast goodies recipes. What I found was innovative is that some of the options don’t even come with a recipe. For instance, there is a full page of spreads showing how to create seven different flavored butter or cream cheese spreads, all done almost entirely with photographs. Where there is a more traditional recipe, you will see very clear instructions each with pictures for each step.

“Crackers And Quick Breads” are covered in Chapter 3. This gives you recipes for things like tortilla chips, croutons, popovers and more. Throughout the book are little sections called “Mix-And-Match”. These offer quick creations where you are given just the ingredients and a picture of what it could look like, then you create from there. These are excellent little fun projects your kids can use to express their own creativity. The Breakfast Chapter, for instance, has a multitude of options for creating fun toast. The Crackers Chapter includes a fun project creating an underwater sea world entirely made of crackers. A very fun idea.

Chapter 4 is about “The Bread Bakery” and how to make your bread from scratch. It comes with recipes for garlic strips and many more bread recipes even down to the awesome party pizza dough.

Cookies, Cakes, And Pies, Oh My!

“The Cookie Jar ” is Chapter 5. This is where you get to learn how to make cookies from scratch. Each of the step-by-step instructions again comes with full-color pictures illustrating each step. There are lots of “Mix-And-Match” cookie suggestions showing options for creating a very cool set of cookies.

According to Chapter 6, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and roll out the dough, it’s time to make a pie. This “Save Room For Pie” Chapter is exactly that, pie time. But it’s not just pies. You also get a fruit tart recipe and variations on pies. The “Mix-And-Match” section shows fun pie crust ideas. The “Teeny Tiny Apple Pies” recipe makes awesome tiny little tart size pies. There is even a Peach Crumble which is surely to become a favorite. A luscious looking “Banana Cream Pie” finishes the chapter.

Everybody loves cake so they are all gonna love Chapter 7 “Cake And Cupcake Factory”. There’s a little bit of something for everyone in this. It shows your kids how to make everything, the cake, the frosting, cake decorating tips, it’s all right in one spot. The “Mix-And-Match” page is about a cupcake decorating party which I think would be very fun. Traditional cakes aren’t the only thing included, you get a cheesecake recipe, and shortcakes too.

As with her last book, Cooking Class, Deanna F. Cook has done herself proud and created an easy-to-follow, fun book to help children learn to bake.

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