Children’s Book of Recipes – Review

When you are looking for something to do with your 4-9 year olds this summer, learning a few tips and tricks in the kitchen isn’t a bad place to start. The trick is to find recipes easy enough for them to start with and yet fun enough to be something they WANT to eat because let’s face it, kids can be kind of finicky eaters.

With the Children’s Book of Recipes: 30 Fun Dishes for Young Chefs by Joanna Mentel you have an excellent resource you can use to spark any child’s inner chef.

Beginning with some excellent tips on basic kitchen techniques, the book continues with tips on substitutions for specific diet requirements. Next is safety in the kitchen as an important piece of children’s learning in the kitchen. Then come the yummy recipes!

Each recipe is designed for: Family Entertainment, to get everyone together creating fun and memories; Healthy Eating, encouraging your kids to try different foods in fun tasty ways; Development Of Senses, helping kids develop taste, smell and touch; and Practicing Skill, helping kids learn planning, measurement, math, patience and letting their imaginations soar.

This is a terrific book for kids especially if they haven’t yet learned much in the kitchen. I love the easy to follow instructions with the detailed diagrams and the fun, imaginative approach. The gorgeous graphics make it so fun to read and easy to follow along.

Try this fun recipe from the book:


Sandwich Train

  • 6 bread slices
  • unsalted butter
  • deli meats or cheese slices
  • toppings – parts of the train
  • salt or peper to your liking

Cut the slices of bread, spread some butter on top, add the deli meat or cheese slices.

Wheels: halved olives or radishes.

Windows: pieces of cucumber, cheese, deli meat, egg or pepper.

Roof: Oregano and parsley.

Links between train cars: Thin parsley stems

Locomotive: Cucumber smoke stack, radish smoke.

Cherry-picked tips:

Instead of cheese slices, you can use mozzarella or curd. You can also replace deli meats with something healthier, such as baked pork loin or chicken breast.

Try making a sandwich train with fruit – it will be sweet and tasty.

Serves 2
Time: 20 Minutes
Skill Level: Easy

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