Home Cooking May Help Prevent Childhood Obesity

(NewsUSA) – Some parents look forward to the back-to-school rush, handling it like the school-shopping, scheduling pros they are. Even planning school snacks is part of the agenda.

When it comes to school snacks, one easy place to start is watermelon. Watermelon is 92 percent water, meaning those dribbling, sweet juices are hydrating as well as delicious.

According to registered dietitian and author of “Eat Your Way to Happiness” Elizabeth Somers, the tasty fruit is also low in or free of cholesterol, fat and sodium. What’s more, eating watermelon increases free arginine, which helps maintain cardiovascular function.

Resources like the National Watermelon Promotion Board also list other health benefits, such as a positive impact on immune systems. The juicy fruit is loaded with vitamins that enhance the infection-fighting capacity of white blood cells and help immune systems produce more antibodies.

Basically, watermelon is Mother Nature’s perfectly engineered snack. By incorporating it into breakfasts before a long day of school, extracurricular activities or athletics, you can feel good about what your children eat, and not worry that they will complain.

Consider all of the finger-licking possibilities by trying the following simple watermelon push pop recipe — it’s healthy and quick, making it ideal for back-to-school breakfasts.

To find more watermelon recipes, from homemade sorbet and watermelon ice cubes to watermelon grilling sauce, visit the National Watermelon Promotion Board website at www.watermelon.org.


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