Pretzel Dippers


3 pretzel mixes 1 nacho cheeses sauce mix 1 egg wash mix 1 course salt packet From your kitchen: cooking spray measuring spoons mixing bowls kitchen timer water wax paper or plastic mat spoon or spatula paper towels Plug in your EASY-BAKE® Ultimate Oven, and turn it on. Preheat for 20 minutes. Make the glaze: Pour 1 egg wash mix […]

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Children’s Book of Recipes – Review


When you are looking for something to do with your 4-9 year olds this summer, learning a few tips and tricks in the kitchen isn’t a bad place to start. The trick is to find recipes easy enough for them to start with and yet fun enough to be something they WANT to eat because let’s face it kids can be kind of finicky eaters.
(Includes recipe for Sandwich Train)

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Snack Attack! Healthy Snacks, Happy Kids


(NewsUSA) – Crunch, munch, dip, dunk, sip and savor. We are a nation of snack fanatics! In fact, in a national survey among moms conducted by California Raisins, half said their kids enjoy at least one to two snacks each day, with another 44 percent indicating snacks are the norm for their kids three to four times each day. Among […]

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White Chocolate Tostadas


1/4 cup heavy cream; cold 1 teaspoon Sugar 2 tablespoons Butter 1 ounce white chocolate chips 1 tortilla; flour granulated sugar; to sprinkle whipped cream Combine 1/4 cup of the heavy cream and the teaspoon of sugar. Whip until soft peaks form, taking care not to over whip. Keep chilled until ready to serve. Place the white chocolate in an […]

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White Chocolate Covered Pretzel


1/2 cup white chocolate mini chips 1 teaspoon Shortening 10 long pretzel logs coloured sugars Melt mini chips and shortening in Easy-Bake Oven warming tray about 10 minutes or until hot and pourable. Hold a pretzel over melted mixture, spoon mixture over end of log. Place log on sheet of wax paper. Sprinkle with coloured sugars. Repeat for remaining logs. […]

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