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  1. i do not have super great internet service and am would like to have a printed out version of easy bake oven recipes to give to my daughter for a christmas present. Instead of trying to print each of these out individually, can you just send me a pdf with printer-ready versions of the recipes? Or a book with recipes? I can pay for it…thanks!

    • We now have a button on each page that you can use to make a PDF version of the recipe to save to your hard drive. Use the icon that looks like a printer.

  2. Hi,
    Love the site and the many recipes!

    I was wondering if these recipes are for any easy bake oven? We have a easy bake oven and snack center, would these recipes work for that?

    • Thanks for your interest in EBORecipes.com.

      Yes most of the recipes are for the Easy Bake Oven (that is what the EBO is supposed to stand for). Most of the recipes were made for the original Easy Bake Oven but they all use the same method and the new ones are only different in looks so they will work fine on the new ovens too.


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