Jack O’Lantern Cake

How To Bake A Jack O’Lantern Cake

(NAPSA) – Don’t let Halloween sneak up on you-celebrate this hair-raising holiday with Jack O’ Lanterns and spooky snacks. The whole family can have a howling good time with a boo-tiful twist on dessert-an Easy Bake(r) Jack O’Lantern Cake.

A cake decorated to look like a traditional Jack O’Lantern can be a fun way to celebrate a spooktacular holiday and serve as a delicious dessert to top off a trick-or-treating trip. It’s sure to satisfy a little monster’s sweet tooth and may have your family wishing every day was Halloween.


  • 6 Easy Bake cake mixes
  • 1 cup of white frosting
  • Food coloring (yellow, red, green)
  • Black shoelace licorice


Bake and cool cakes according to package instructions.

Stack 4 cakes together, with frosting in between each layer. Trip edges with a knife to form pumpkin shape. Cut eye, nose and mouth shapes into the cake. Divide white frosting into 3 small bowls. In one bowl, stir in yellow food coloring.

In the second bowl, stir in yellow and red (to create orange). In the third bowl, stir in green. Frost eyes, nose and mouth with yellow frosting, and frost the rest of the cake with orange frosting. Trim eyes, nose and mouth with licorice.

Stack the remaining 2 cakes together, with frosting in between the layers. Cut out a stem shape and frost with green frosting. Place stem on top of pumpkin cake.

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