Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake
Rainbow Cake
  • 1 white cake mix
  • white frosting
  • 1 Package food coloring drops; red, blue, green, yellow

Prepare cake batter as usual.

Mix separately small quantities of batter with each of the food coloring drops to make batches of red, yellow, blue and purple (red & blue) coloured batter. Use only enough batter to cover the bottom of the Easy-Bake Oven cake pan.

Bake each colour separately in Easy-Bake Oven cake pans for 15 minutes.

Cool finished layers 10 minutes before removing from tin. let cool completely.


Mix three batches of frosting with food coloring to make small amounts of orange (red & yellow), green and indigo (red & blue) frostings.


Layer cake and frosting as follows (working from bottom up):

Red Cake Orange Frosting Yellow Cake Green Frosting Blue Cake Indigo Frosting Purple Cake

Frost top and outside of cake with white frosting.

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