Mixes as a Gift!

As many users of the Easy Bake Oven are aware, the store bought mixes can get a little pricey. This is why we have the mixes section on EBORecipes.com. Making your own mixes is not only cost effective but you can put your own spin on the contents and use your own quality ingredients.

Until now however those mixes have been a little hum-drum, plain and might I even say… boring? You don’t have to have boring old mixes anymore because “The Partiologist” has come up with a cute fun way to make your mixes, nice enough to give as a gift!

Check out her article DIY Easy Bake Oven Mixes! and start mixing!

P.S. Don’t forget you can still use the mixes in our mixes section too and try making your own label cards!

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