Cooking Class: 57 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love to Make (and Eat!) – Review

For teens and adults there are schools and classes to attend if you want to learn to be a chef, for younger kids though, grade school doesn’t offer any cooking classes. Cooking Class: 57 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love to Make (and Eat!) by Deanna F. Cook makes up for that void.

Spiral bound so it stays open easily, this book is a joy from beginning to end. The full colour pictures and the easy to follow language make it easy for your kids to follow along and understand what they are doing every step of the way.

The beginning of the book starts Lesson 1 covering the basic rules of the kitchen, Lesson 2 explains how to setup your kitchen work space, cooking kit and work space. Lesson 3 explains about using good ingredients then Lesson 4 expands the kitchen vocabulary. With lesson 5 kids learn how to measure and Lesson 6 explains about staying safe around sharp stuff. Before you start cooking there is Lesson 7 about cooking with heat and Lesson 8 even covers cleaning up afterwards. Although your kids won’t need a lesson on how to eat their delicious creations, they will be able to find about special touches for the table in Lesson 9.

The recipes fall into 5 separate chapters; Breakfast Cafe, Snack Attack, Eat Your Veggies, Time for Dessert and My First Dinners. Each recipe has awesome pictures and easy to follow directions. The more difficult recipes even offer step by step instructions with pictures to make it easier to understand how each step works. And yoy aren’t just getting how to make easy stuff like toast and sandwiches, there are luscious recipes like crepes, guacamole, spring rolls with dipping sauce, quesadillas, lemon squares and so many more.

If you think that this is where the book ends then you are in for a pleasant surprise! After all of the recipes are done there are bonus features. There are 4 pages of Stickers & Labels to use as labels and decorations on toothpicks to mark your creations. To make the table settings complete you also get a page of reusable Place Cards. Once your child starts finding new recipes to create they can use the recipe cards included here to record them. Lastly there are game cards to help get the dinner party started with conversation starters.

All in all Cooking Class is more than just a cookbook, it is a terrific way for any child to start a long time love affair with the kitchen. Pick your copy up today!

Dipped Strawberry Dessert

This is a fun, elegant dessert to serve when fresh strawberries are in season. Pick up on few pints of berries from a farmers’ market or pick-your-own farm. All you do is dip the berries into cream and shaved chocolate to make a delicious treat.

Here’s What You Need

  • 1/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • 1 (3.5 ounce) high quality dark chocolate bar
  • 1/2 cup confectioners’ sugar
  • 2 pints strawberries (dry them after washing and leave the stems on)

Here’s What You Do

Whisk the heavy cream and sour cream together in a small bowl until smooth. Cover and refrigerate for a few hours.

Working over waxed paper, grate the chocolate bar with a cheese grater or vegetable peeler. Put the shavings into a small bowl.

Sift the confectioners’ sugar onto a separate sheet of waxed paper. Transfer it to a small bowl.

Arrange the bowls of cream, grated chocolate, and confectioners’ sugar in the middle of a platter, with the strawberries around them. Let the strawberries into the cream. then into the sugar, and finally into the chocolate.

Makes 6 Servings

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